A first for the oatmeal market is a resealable 500g aluminium ring-pull can developed by Hamlyn's of Scotland. Originally created for the US, pinhead oatmeal is now available in this format in the UK and has been taken up by Tesco and Waitrose at an rsp of £1.19. Hamlyn's Scottish oatmeal also comes in four bag sizes, and porridge oats in 750g packs. A major benefit is that the shelf life of the canned product is three years compared to bags which only last for 18 months. All packs strongly reflect the company's Scottish heritage. The company claims to be the only brand guaranteed to be 100% Scottish from seed to the mill finished product. Hamlyn's currently sells 1.5 million bags a year mainly in Scotland and volume growth is up 18% year on year. Plans to drive the brand further include press ads, extra value packs, and sponsorship of Scottish events such as the haggis master competition and the world porridge making championships. {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}