Jack Daniel’s cool premix oozes that can-do attitude

Not rocket science, perhaps but Jack Daniel's & Cola has won the admiration and respect of the entire trade even rivals with this premix execution, which has seen distribution exceed its parent brand and repeat purchase as good as any launch observed by the judges.

When researchers told Bacardi Brown-Forman that 40% of Jack Daniel's whisky is drunk with cola, the company did the obvious and put the two together. But rather than use a bottle or a slimline 250ml can, like other premixers from heavyweight brands, it put them in a 330ml can. Sporting black packaging that emulates the brand's flagship Old No 7, the line has a 6% abv and a £1.99 rsp that taps into a lower price point and looks cool. A year after launch, it has been joined by Jack Daniel's & Ginger.

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