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Rob Graham and Natascha Jesuvant of Tesco

Winner: Tesco

Tesco is the UK’s biggest online grocery retailer, serving nearly 1.2 million customers every week.

But it’s not been complacent, undertaking a comprehensive programme of investments in the last year to improve every aspect of the shopper experience.

Its focus has been on “brilliant basics”, making a large number of small improvements across the value chain, increasing availability (from 95.8% to 97.6%), and resulting in higher levels of pick accuracy, more “perfect orders”, better range and reach, improved freshness and greater value.

But it’s also made big investments, migrating 6.8 million online shopping app users into a single Tesco app to create a more seamless user experience, while introducing online-specific promotions and offering more personalised communications and coupons.

And it’s added three new UFCs (bringing the total to nine) to broaden the offering to yet more people, and rolled out its Whoosh rapid delivery service to cover two thirds of the UK.

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Improvements to search and browse functionality and the introduction of live order tracking, and the provision of delivery driver names and notifications, have been backed up with new training for its 22,000 in-store pickers and 21,000 delivery drivers.

The results have been incremental improvements across the board, and with NPS at their highest level since 2020, switching gains from rivals.


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  • Tesco

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