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Emily Kraftman, managing director UK at Who Gives a Crap

Winner: Who Gives a Crap

Social enterprise Who Gives a Crap has achieved some of its best results since Covid in the past year, thanks to a multi-faceted push to get UK shoppers thinking about the eco-credentials of their toilet paper. 

Set up in 2012, the B Corp sells loo roll made from recycled office paper or bamboo. It also donates 50% of its profits to provide access to toilets and clean water in third world countries. Thanks to rapid growth, it’s now the UK’s third-largest toilet paper brand.

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Key initiatives this year included a reimagining of the Winnie the Pooh storybook, a Christmas ‘Stack-A-Tree’ promotional box and a campaign to scrap the 20% VAT on toilet paper as a “luxury” item.

While the campaign hasn’t been successful (so far), like other initiatives, it’s garnered tons of column inches, boosted sale and recruited a raft of new shoppers.


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