David Furness, Diana Carter and Darren Sinclair of Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s retains this award for a second year after topping our availability charts and bagging six full baskets in The Grocer 33.

As with the Customer Service award (see right) Sainsbury’s impressed from the start. In percentage terms, it took the lead in week three and stayed in pole position for the rest of the year, never dropping below 96.6%.

Its final availability score was 97% - a fraction higher than the 96.9% it recorded last year. In contrast, Tesco’s availability was 95.4%, Morrisons’ 94.3%, Waitrose’s 94% and Asda’s 93.5%.

As to the six full baskets, it was twice as many as the three full baskets each recorded by Asda, Tesco and Waitrose, and four more than the two from Morrisons.

In a year dominated by extreme weather, that means the mults only recorded 17 full baskets out of 250 mystery shops.