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Champion: Hip Pop: Gut Lovin’ Soda – Orange  

At an rsp of £1.99 per 330ml can, this orange soda is very much at the premium end of the soft drinks market. That is a very deliberate move by Hip Pop, which trades on its active health credentials.

Its soda contains prebiotic fibre and probiotics, less than 2.5g of sugar per 100ml, and no sweeteners. These attributes came through for our judges, who hailed its “very refreshing but not too sweet” taste. The “bright, eye-catching and very funky” packaging also helped create a product that was worth the premium price point.

Gold Medal

  • Dash Lime

Silver Medal

  • Rubicon Sparkling Rose Lemonade
  • Seven Giants – Añejo Style
  • Bronze Medal

  • Fibe Prebiotic Soda
  • Juiceburst Summer Fruits
  • Red Bull Summer Edition with the Taste of Juneberry
  • Shloer Zero Red Grape
  • Vitamin Well Hydrate
  • Vit Hit Kids Tropical Twister

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