Rustlers Cook in Box The Supreme Cheese Melt Burger

Winner: Rustlers Cook in Box The Supreme Cheese Melt Burger

Rustlers continues its impressive makeover of recent years with this latest addition to its ultra-convenient range: a fully assembled burger that can be heated and eaten, with zero prep, mess or fuss. The ‘Cook in box’ burger doesn’t only win because of its clever format though, with the final product also managing to achieve a great taste and texture. The brand says that’s tanks to a Kepak patented crisping sleeve to ensure buns are toasted to perfect, while the flame grilled patty is made from 100% British and Irish beef.

This product was a clear winner for our judges because it surpassed all expectations. The components of the burger held together well and the bread maintained a fluffy texture despite being heated in the microwave. It delivered in texture, mouthfeel and ingenuity as well as being great value for money. A worthy contender to other take-out options.

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