Heartsease Farm Sparkling Traditional Lemonade

Winner: Heartsease Farm Sparkling Traditional Lemonade

With a brand story beautifully integrated into the on-pack design and a nostalgic feel that plays perfectly to consumer interest in more traditional products and formats, this lemonade from Heartsease ticked all the right boxes with out judges. Made using sun-mellowed Sicilian lemons and Radnorshire spring water, the product launched in December 2020 targets a thirst for high quality adult soft drinks, made using natural flavour profiles, and delivers light bubbles with just the right level of sweetness. A great no-nonsense soft drink that does exactly what it says on the can, and then some.

Judges thought this high-quality lemonade from Heartsease Farm delivered with aplomb. They called it a quality, no-nonsense lemonade which does not disappoint on taste, and lauded its lovely, premium branding and clear messaging.

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