Virtue Clean Energy - Tropical

Winner – Virtue Clean Energy Tropical

The UK and Europe’s first all-natural, zero-sugar and zero-calorie energy drink put a spring in our judges’ step. With its great flavour profile and clean taste, they couldn’t believe the drink contained no sugar or calories, making it a “very strong proposition”, and a well-executed addition to the category that taps into consumer concerns around health.

Excellent brand positioning helped uplift this further, with a “virtuous energy drink” message that differentiated it from the competition. In fact, though it contains the same amount of natural caffeine (80mg) as coffee or other classic energy drinks, Virtue Clean achieves this using natural energy sources, using 100% organic green coffee beans combined with B vitamins.

The product had a “really light mouthfeel and refreshing taste” without the cloying feel of other drinks in the category, and an intense tropical aroma too. “A great clean alternative in the category, brilliantly executed.”

Highly commended: Buzzed Energy


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