Dr. Oetker Spectacular Science Create Your Own Solar System Cup

Winner – Dr Oetker Create Your Own Solar System Cupcake Mix 

This was a fun product from Dr Oetker that judges had no doubt would get kids talking and excited about helping out in the kitchen. With space now part of the national curriculum, Dr. Oetker spotted the chance to link this with educational baking activities and create a pack that allows kids to bake 12 planet-themed cupcakes with their parents.

Alongside the ingredients is an in-pack activity sheet that helps kids build on their understanding, and a variety of brightly coloured icings that can be mixed together to make the solar system – or kids’ own unique creations.

A “lovely piece of baking theatre”, said judges, that would really spark interest from kids and make for a great school holiday project too. Instructions enclosed were educational and user-friendly, and perfectly combine a bit of fun, with learning .

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