Starbucks® Chilled Classics Multiserve - Caramel Macchiato

Winner – Starbucks Chilled Coffee Multiserve Caramel Macchiato 

With the pandemic proving a blow to classic on-the-go products such as RTD coffee, this innovation from Starbucks aimed to close the gap and provide the same experience to consumers at home, in a convenient format. The Chilled Classic Multiserve Caramel Macchiato, which comes in a 750ml fully recyclable pack, really resonated with our judges, both for the “savvy” way in which it has responded to clear consumer insight with a new format, but also for its execution.

The drink itself has an “enticing” aroma, while the caramel flavour cut through and the caffeine gave it a great kick. The chain makes the most of its strong brand appeal too, with the Starbucks logo used to add credibility and create clear standout appeal on shelf.

Overall, a deceptively simple tweak to its format that speaks to changing consumer behaviours and ensures Starbucks RTD drinks are available for every type of occasion.

Highly commended: Ambrosia Deluxe West Country Cream 


  • Yazoo Choc Caramel



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