Chicken Satay Curry _ Fragrance Rice

Winner – Charlie Bigham’s Chicken Satay Curry & Fragrant Rice 

Thai is one of the fastest-growing world cuisines in UK retail, a trend Charlie Bigham’s capitalised on with this addition to its ready meal range. The combination of tender chicken breast in a creamy peanut curry sauce, inspired by the satay chicken dish, made for a “really strong product”, said our judges. “A combination of bold flavours comes through, with a slight kick” to give this dish a “superb” overall look, taste and feel.

“A lovely taste and aroma with a lasting punchy flavour,” this dish is a “great treat” that can tap into growing demand for restaurant-quality dishes at home. Complete with Charlie Bigham’s signature brand, style and presence, the concept “doesn’t put a foot wrong”. “It’s exactly what one would expect from Charlie Bigham’s,” praised one judge.

Highly commended: Itsu The Original Chicken Big’Bao


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