THIS™ Isn_t Pork Sausages, VeganPlant Based

Winner – This Isn’t Pork Sausages

The hyperrealism of this plant-based sausage alternative wowed our judges. The brand achieved it using a now patent-pending ingredient it has dubbed ‘Fat 2.0’ that has a base of olive oil and doesn’t melt when faced with high heat. The result is a vegan sausage that has the “same bite and texture as meat” without becoming mushy or crumbly.

“This looks like a sausage, tastes like a sausage and has the texture of a sausage,” said one impressed judge. “This doesn’t feel like a compromise versus a traditional pork sausage,” said another, with a flavoursome peppery taste and excellent mouthfeel that “blew other plant-based alternatives out the water”. It even has the sensation of the sausage casing breaking, they remarked.

Overall, an innovative concept, “exceptionally well executed” that will appeal to those who love sausages.

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