Twinings is throwing its limited edition Options range of hot drinks into jars this winter for the first time.
The hot beverages expert, which bought the Options brand from Novartis at the end of last year, said Banoffee flavour would be the first to be launched in a 132g jar. It will be followed into the format in the new year by Spiced Ginger and then two other limited editions.
Brand manager Kirstie Jamieson said Banoffee had been singled out to kick off the initiative because of its increasing popularity in the UK.
She added: “The limited edition concept has worked very well in sachets and rotating the flavours provides retailers with a very efficient use of shelf space. It enables them to offer more choice to maintain interest in the category.
“Limited editions allow us to meet consumers’ demand for exciting new flavours without retailers needing to find extra space on shelf.”