French co-operative Mont Tauch, which produces 90% of the Fitou wines sold in the UK, has revealed a new logo and £500,000 marketing campaign to promote the group and the appellation in the UK off-trade.

The new logo and campaign aims to give Fitou a more human face, picturing the growers behind the Mont Tauch co-operative and highlighting life in the region.

"The aim of this new push is twofold," said communications and marketing director Katie Jones. "We are hoping the new identity will help raise the profile of Fitou and provide consumers with an easy entry point into the Mont Tauch range of wines via the Fitou appellation."

The £500,000 off-trade campaign will include in-store promotions, nationwide consumer sampling as well as a PR campaign and an online film.

The co-operative is also launching a new Fitou brand with retro-style packaging as part of the strategy. The brand will be revealed at trade show Vinisud this month, rsp £5.99.