Sir; We have a compelling need to finally end the confusion concerning two completely contrasting food offerings; namely Unilever's Birds Eye brand, Enjoy! and the refreshingly different organic food range from The Enjoy Organic company. The befuddlement began in January 2001 with the arrival of Unilever's much vaunted range of frozen ready meals which, according to one Tesco spokesman, would rather conveniently, "cater for consumers lack of interest and capability in cooking." Backed by a gargantuan £20m budget, 2,600 branded freezers and a mind boggling sampling initiative, Unilever proudly pronounced the dawn of a new food era. The more cynical among us perhaps identified more of an attempt to overhaul Birds Eye's somewhat unfashionable personality. Yet despite all their trumpeting Unilever appeared unable to create an original name, deciding instead to ambush our fledgling brand. For the record we had launched six months earlier in June 2000, and already built up a loyal band of followers. While the saying goes that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", the reality is that it also breeds unnecessary confusion. Our real concern is that since the launch of Birds Eye Enjoy! range we have received a number of letters from confused and frustrated consumers who thought they had found a new range of our exciting organic products, only to discover that they were not ours at all. To be clear, The Enjoy Organic Company is the brainchild of food aficionado Harriet Rhys Williams and sells everything from organic pasta sauces to fantastic bread and rolls. Sponsored by Ranks Hovis McDougall, we seek to demystify organics by making delicious everyday organic foods available to everyone. The core purpose of this note therefore is to stress that as the name suggests, we are the only organic Enjoy solution. Ian Hills Marketing manager The Enjoy Organic Company Marlow, Bucks {{LETTERS }}