Pot Noodle has a new competitor that legendary military strategist Sun Tzu would be proud of.

Founded by Pieminister's former sales director Crispin Busk, the Kabuto Noodles range sports humorous Samurai-style packaging Kabuto is Japanese for Samurai helmet and mock Sun Tzu quotes such as 'Without knowledge of noodles, one will ultimately have no military victories'.

Busk, who hopes to win listings in the multiples by spring for the chicken, beef and miso ramen-flavoured pot snacks, said it was time to add some fun to the fixture. "Innocent and Gü found success by injecting a bit of fun and life into a known product and I'm doing the same," he said.,

The pots contained dried noodles and freeze-fried meat and herbs for a lower-fat, fresher flavour, he said. They are currently available in selected health and speciality stores (rsp: £3).