A plethora of innovative new packaging formats have hit supermarket shelves recently, from tactile drinks packs through to ingenious household cleaning products. We asked a team of branding and packaging experts to select their favourite new pieces of grocery packaging and explain why they work so well:

Paul Taylor, executive creative director, BrandOpus
“Smirnoff’s Caipiroska peelable bottle was developed to launch a new formula of the Brazilian drink popular worldwide. In this case, the brand didn’t borrow from another category but from the product itself. Bottles were created with the texture of the fruit representative of the flavours including lemon, passionfruit and berries, and a diagonal perforation so that consumers could feel the unique experience of peeling a drink made of fruit.”

Dave Brown, worldwide development director consumer branding, Brand Union
“Replenish is an absolutely genius idea from Jason Foster, the designer behind it. He’s developed a beautiful capture component with a high-end clear trigger mechanism. The product uses refill pods - the bottle is female and the pod is male. You simply screw the pod, which contains a cleaning concentrate, into the body of the bottle which the consumer then fills with water.”

Adam Ellis, London creative director, Elmwood
“I am a big fan of this sustainable street smart packaging. This origami-inspired food box is used by a quick service mobile eatery in Manila in the Philippines called Guactruck. It’s from glue and plastic and it opens like a blossoming bud, and looks great both open and closed. Guactruck is a fine example of a brand reducing its environmental impact without compromising on design. The pack is simple, attractive, interactive and sustainable.”

Dom Pérignon
Tim Reynolds: production operations director at branding and design agency Bloom
“I love this Dom Pérignon shield pack, which was used for the Champagne company’s 2002 vintage. It is doing something that’s really category breaking, simplifying the pack down to a single material but still retaining a beautiful, premium pack. The packaging uses a PE foam as both the protection - like you would in a camera case - and also for the outer.”

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