Liquid sauces is the largest sector, accounting for an 81% share of the category, with dry sauces having a 16% share. The remaining 3% is filled by the pesto sauces sector. Liquid sauces have the ever-present convenience factor, while dry sauces require mixing and stirring, although they benefit from taking up less room in the cupboard. Within liquid sauces the largest sector is cook-in, taking a 45% share. All liquid sectors are experiencing growth except cook-in, which is the most mature. Innovation in the liquid sector has been limited to brand extensions and recipes. Dolmio pasta sauce from Van den Bergh remains the best-selling brand with growth of more than 7%. And after the success of the Chicken Tonight two-jar sauces, Van den Bergh has introduced a new two-step Dolmio Sizzling Chicken variety. As the first to launch pouches last year, Dolmio Just Heat & Serve pasta sauces have performed well with sales of almost £7m, while other brands new to the pouch are Baxters, Knorr and Amoy stir-fry sauces. Chicken Tonight cook-in sauces have launched limited edition Sauce of the Season' flavours to keep enthusiasm in the sector, and new traditional flavours from Chicken Tonight Sizzle & Stir have performed well. Meanwhile, Stir It Up, another two-jar sauce variety from Chicken Tonight, has experienced growth of more than 15%. Stir-in pasta sauces added the most value to the market, increasing sales by over £9m. Within the top 20, Dolmio stir-in pasta sauce has continued to grow (12%) and the Homepride offering makes its first appearance at no. 16. The Loyd Grossman range of pasta sauces has grown almost 21%. Dry sauces have been added to the market definition, and are divided into pour- over and cook-in sectors. Both are declining in value at similar rates to the overall 2% decline of dry sauces. Cook-in has the largest share, at 68%. The Colman's dry cook-in sauces range is a bestseller, while McCormick Foods has grown its Schwartz dry cook-in and pour-over sauces and not only located the range in the sauces section, but also alongside the foods they accompany, such as fish and meat, to encourage impulse buys. {{P&P }}