from Professor J Ralph Blanchfield MBE, food science, food technology and food law consultant

Sir; My attention has been drawn to an advertising campaign in Yeo Valley’s name with the slogan ‘Food Scientists R Not Us’.

This is accompanied by a nasty caricature depiction of a stereotypical mad scientist wearing a white coat, with glaring eyes, tongue hanging out, holding a flask.

It is very sad to see a reputable food company being misled into lending its name to what I can only describe as a disreputable advertising campaign.

It is disreputable because it is untrue, because it is misleading and because it falsely denigrates a responsible and honourable profession.

My information is that Yeo Valley does employ food scientists, and, as I am sure it must know, without food science it could not maintain the quality and integrity of the cultures it uses, the hygiene of its operations, the quality and safety of its products.

Neither could it fulfil its obligations to comply with all relevant aspects of food legislation.

I suggest that maintenance of the reputation and integrity of its company would require the immediate withdrawal of the offending advertising.