lambert & Butler

Imperial Tobacco has launched limited-edition packs for its Lambert & Butler cigarette packs.

New-look L&B Silver (rsp: £8.85) and L&B Blue (rsp: £7.35) are set to roll out from June as part of the Lambert & Butler Says ‘Hi’ campaign.

Silver, reading ”Hi to trusted, premium quality” will come in standard packs of King Size, Full Flavour 20s, while Blue, bearing the slogan “Hi to banter since 1901”, will be available in standard packs of King Size, Full Flavour 19s.

“Lambert & Butler is an iconic British cigarette, and these limited-edition ‘Hi’ packs celebrate both the class and heritage of L&B Silver plus the sassiness of L&B Blue,” said Madeleine Pearce, Imperial Tobacco brand manager.

The news comes the day before new EU rules come into force (on 18 May) to abolish smaller cigarette formats and require health warnings to cover at least 65% of the front and back of packs. Suppliers will have one year to sell through their current stocks.