Philip Morris is rebranding its Marlboro Bright Leaf range as simply Bright Leaf this month.

The Marlboro name will remain on the redesigned pack albeit much less prominently underneath the main brand name.

The new design is being phased in in two stages. The first stage will feature packs that look largely unchanged except for a  “rip” unveiling part of the new design. Only the second phase, from the last week in January, will reveal the changed packaging in full.

“The new packs are designed to clearly differentiate from the iconic international Marlboro range,” said Zoe Smith, marketing director for the UK & Ireland.

“Marlboro wants the brand to stand alone,” said a Bright Leaf spokesman. “The Marlboro name will be used as a quality mark, but this is a different product, at a lower price point than Marlboro Gold. It’s for the discerning British taste.”

He added that the strapline of “New pack. Same taste” will help the transition.