The Grocer’s Top Products survey found these 10 categories in the fastest decline by volume sales. Consumers are shunning products for a range of reasons, from changing legislation to rising prices

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Vaping’s rise has contributed to the demise of rolling tobacco

Rolling tobacco

▼ 18.7%

Rolling tobacco has shifted 1.5 million fewer kilos. That’s down to factors such as the cost of living crisis, and the rise of vaping.


▼ 17.8%

A squeeze on availability has driven up the price of edible oils – which in turn has driven down volumes by 29.1 million litres.

Cigarettes & cigars

▼ 14.9%

As the government plans to create a “smoke-free future”, ciggies and cigars have seen 150.1 million fewer packs go through tills.

Frozen cakes & desserts

▼ 14.1%

HFSS legislation has resulted in non-compliant products losing aisle end freezer space. Hence this category seeing volumes fall by 4.2 million kilos.

handheld ice cream

A poor summer made for poor ice cream sales

Handheld ice cream

▼ 13.9%

Patchy summer weather and a clampdown on HFSS goods are two key drivers of handheld ice cream’s volume decline.


▼ 13.5%

Champers has well and truly lost its fizz. As Brits rein in spending, the category has seen 1.3 million litres wiped out in grocery.


▼ 12.9%

As the country’s birth rate is falling, average price per pack of baby formula is rocketing. No wonder the category has lost 7.9 million packs.

surface care

As the cost of living bites, shoppers have sacrificed surface care

Surface care

▼ 12.0%

When times are tight, shoppers see household cleaning as an easy category to remove from their baskets. Surface care is down 23.2 million units.

Laundry detergent

▼ 11.5%

As with surface care, laundry detergent has fallen prey to the habits of price-sensitive consumers. Pricier brands have driven decline here.

Fabric conditioner

▼ 11.3%

Big names like Lenor and Comfort have been hit hard as fabric conditioner volumes have plunged by 23.1 million litres.