The Grocer’s Top Products survey found these 10 categories rising fastest by volume sales. Vaping continues its meteoric rises, while the cost of living crisis is reflected in more purchases of ingredients to make home cooking more special.


The rise of vaping has proven meteoric over recent years of the Top Products survey


▲ 108.4%

Brightly coloured disposable vapes are the star performer for a second year running. The category has more than doubled in value and volumes.


Nicotine replacement

▲ 19.7%

Nicotine replacement products have shifted an extra 6.6 million packs. Innovation and marketing by the likes of Nordic Spirit has been key to growth.


herbs and spices

At-home cooking contributed to the spike in popularity for herbs and spices

Dried herbs & spices

▲ 7.4%

The rise in cooking at home has seen an extra 828 thousand kilos of chilli powder, fennel seeds, turmeric and the like go through tills.



▲ 6.5%

Brits have been beautifying themselves as a pick-me-up. Affordable lines with a high-end feel have been the chief beneficiaries of this trend. 


sport & ener

Prime drove the spike in popularity of sports drinks

Sport & energy drinks

▲ 6.4%

The category has shifted an extra 81.4 million litres, driven chiefly by US sensation Prime. The likes of Red Bull and Monster have had a major impact, too.


Cold & flu remedies

▲ 4.9%

With Covid behaviours a fading memory, Brits have become more likely to pick up coughs and sneezes. Cold & flu products have sold 9.6 million more packs.


Paedeatric Analgesics

Kids are also susceptible to a range of illnesses post-Covid

Paediatric analgesics

▲ 3.9%

More delicate than adults, post-Covid kids are also more susceptible to sore throats and sniffles. And then there’s all the usual tummy aches and earaches…


Female skincare

▲ 3.8%

As with cosmetics, the rise in female skincare is a sign of Brits seeking affordable treats. The #budgetbeauty trend has helped sell an extra 5.1 million packs.


Frozen ready meals

▲ 3.3%

Affordable and convenient with a long life, frozen ready meals have benefited from demand for restaurant-style dishes at home.



Home bakers have been at it again driving demand for flour


▲ 3.1%

Amateur bakers are back at their ovens – but they’re keeping an eye on their budgets. Flour’s gain has been driven by more affordable own-label lin