Accantia Health and Beauty has used the complementary therapy homeopathy as the inspiration for a new skincare range called Equilibrium. Available in Boots from Monday (June 3) on a 13-week exclusive deal, the eight hypo-allergenic products contain homeopathic ingredients. They include morning and evening moisturisers for normal/dry and normal/oily skin, (rsp: £11-£11.50, 50ml) together with a cleansing toning balm (£8.50, 100g), cleansing wipes (£8 for 20 wipes), a detoxifying face mask (£8 for 3 x 10 sachets) and a Rebalancing Skin Serum designed as a pick-me-up' for dull, lifeless skin (£11, 25ml). Homeopathy is based on a like for like' principle which involves giving patients minute doses of drugs to stimulate their symptoms and so help the body heal naturally. The company claims 25% of the population use some form of complementary or alternative therapy. {{P&P }}