Anyone in the news supply chain who does not embrace change is going to get left behind, according to Mike Greene, chairman of both the Association of Convenience Stores and its news group, the Association of News Retailing. This week all elements of the supply chain will meet in the Magazine Supply Chain Group to discuss an eight point plan for the future of magazine distribution, and Greene warned they must produce results. He cautioned that there were some people who want the dialogue process to work, while others could abandon talks in favour of action. "One of the major multiples told me that there are doves and hawks in this process'. I believe it is vital to continue the process. But unless everyone embraces change, they will get left behind." Greene is positive that the work the ANR team have put in to simplify and modernise the news distribution system will benefit retailers across the board. Greene explained that the news category was a great footfall driver yet was responsible for the largest single unaccounted and accounted waste. "It requires more staff time and has the lowest levels of availability in the range, with some retailers making a net loss on news." Greene considers the recent move by publishers and wholesalers to implement a one wholesale drop per shop' as a real breakthrough in negotiations. He said: "By consistently sticking to its objectives, the supply chain group has focused the parties upon the penalties that are paid at retail from more than one drop, penalties that affect other parties in the chain." The rumpus that followed last year's plan by Tesco to work with one wholesaler WHS News ­ the wholesale arm of WH Smith ­ regardless of existing contracts was the catalyst for a raft of industry consultation. When Daily Mail publisher Associated Newspapers threatened to cancel its £100m distribution contract with WHS News, the wholesaler halted its plans and agreed instead to an eight point plan evolved during the row over distribution. The eight point plan will be discussed at an MSCG meeting, chaired by the ANR, scheduled for September 10 and 11. {{NEWS }}