Sweet-toothed consumers have helped push up the value of morning goods to £440m, up 3% year-on-year [Taylor Nelson Sofres]. According to Cuisine de France, flavoured doughnuts have been an unbelievable success. It has launched 24 ready-to-eat bite-size jam doughnuts available in a football-themed tub, timed to coincide with the World Cup. Doughnut Balls will be available this month for £1.99. To support the food-to-go trend, Bakehouse has created a cherry and almond croquante consisting of a cherry and almond filling in a croissant-style dough, topped with flaked almonds. It bakes from frozen in 20 minutes, Another UK favourite is US-style cookies. Readi-Bake says demand for these cookies has seen its turnover treble in the past five years and growth last year was up by 26%. Its latest addition is an individually wrapped 75g dessert cookie which defrosts in 20-30 minutes. Also on the US theme, Dawn Foods is offering ready baked frozen US-style cinnamon whirls that can be sold as food to go or command a premium price when served with a cappuccino. Arkady Craigmillar instore bakery category manager Helen Dutton says sales of croissants have grown by nearly 50% to £53.5m, and that Danish pastries are up 21% year-on-year. "Innovation is helping to maintain a buoyant market. Developments such as mini cookies to appeal to kids ensure there is always something new," she says. Mr Bagels is investing £2.5m in a new 45,000 sq ft manufacturing site in Stratford, East London, which it says will see production increase to 100 million bagels when it opens in January 2003. The company is a key supplier of frozen bake-off bagels and includes varieties such as poppy, sesame, onion, and cinnamon and raisin. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}