Roger's had no luck in getting it repaired. "It's annoying, but it could have been worse and happened in summer." Current problems aside, the Waterfields are the proud owners of a new EPoS system which Roger says is working well. Teething troubles have been few ­ one Saturday evening during peak lottery ticket buying time, the screen went dead. But a quick phone call soon put it right. He and the staff have had two training days from the operator, and after a third in April, they'll be able to order by computer rather than phone. Roger thinks it's already making the shop look and feel more professional. As a result of the new look, turnover ­ which was about £15,000 a week ­ is now up 20%. "The shop looks fantastic and business is doing well too. I think people are buying a bit more now, particularly from the promotions which we're able to showcase a lot better." The couple remerchanised the wine section, so that it's laid out by colour and country, which has had a big impact on sales. Chilled and hot snacks are selling well, too. Because of the increased business, Roger's employed a couple of extra shelf fillers in the evenings to free up more experienced staff so they can work the tills; they can also keep a keener eye out for shoplifters. "We've two CCTV cameras but if people see we're stretched they will try to take advantage." Londis is so pleased with the refit that that it has sent other retailers interested in refitting with the Genesis format to check out the store. As Rally Food and Wine is near the naval base, Roger's expecting the Easter holidays to bring a lot of extra trade, with people on leave. After that, it's time for a well-earned break for the Waterfields. {{FEATURES }}