TARGET CONSUMER Andrew Sinclair, 30, is a civil servant who lives in south London I like the shape of the bottle. It says it's serious and it's got a bit of bulk to it ­ I like the fact it's 500ml. It's not a trendy looking bottle which suggests it's going for the real ale end of the market. The logo doesn't inspire me, though. It's too obvious and it's not particularly well done. It seems to be derived from the stereotyped idea of a pub sign design. The ale itself is a good colour ­ rich, warm and honeyed. It's got quite a fizz on opening and it smells very sweet. It also tastes quite sweet to start with, but once it reaches the back of your throat the sweetness develops into a bitter aftertaste. It's better than the average beer and is fairly quaffable for a 5% ale. Rating out of 25 ­ 16 {{DRINKS }}