The Trolley Race is finally here! With wheels blazing and chrome flashing the competitors are set for battle It will soon be chocks away for The Grocers' Great Trolley Race! Thirty-three teams will be lining up on the runway at the Imperial War Museum's Duxford airfield in Cambridgeshire on Sunday, July 23. And as the teams prepare for action, they know their valiant efforts will all be in a good cause: the National Grocers' Benevolent Fund. We know most of the shopping trolley racers competing next Sunday have undergone rigorous training programmes. And they'll need to be tough to get into the finals.Why? Because the starter pistol will fire at 10am and each team will be sweating it out in heats until lunchtime. As we have been trying to generate as much money as possible for the NGBF, the racing will be handicapped: in each heat the team that has raised the most cash will get a head start. Each team will comprise three people pushing a Wanzl shopping trolley around a special track at Duxford with a fourth member taking pride of place in the trolley itself. Some of the trollies have been adapted to make them more fit for action ­ although we have ruled that no mechanical or wind assistance will be allowed. We are also encouraging teams to race in fancy dress and decorate their trollies accordingly. Some have also added sponsors' logos to their chariots ­ just like a Formula 1 racing car. As you can see from the team names in the table below, most people have taken the fun very seriously indeed. Winners of the heats will then race in the semi-finals with the grand final at 3pm. There will, of course, be a top notch prize for the overall winning team (a free double page advertising spread in The Grocer worth more than £6,000). But in keeping with the fun element of the day out, there will be prizes for: the most novel trolley and team; the team to have raised the most money; and the team who make the fastest time (unhandicapped). The day should wind up at about 3.30pm. Don't worry if you left it too late to enter a trolley ­ there's still time to join in the fun by coming on the day and cheering along your colleagues. Sitting next to the racing track will be a special "R&R area" with product sampling, a refreshments tent and a bouncy castle for the kids. If the excitement of the races proves too much, don't forget you can also take the opportunity to wander around Europe's premier aviation museum. Remember: we have negotiated a special discounted entry fee for the Great Grocers' Trolley Race and kids get in for free! So, all that's left to say is our thanks to all those taking part next Sunday ­ particularly Somerfield, which has entered a highly commendable ten teams! The money they raise will help the NGBF continue looking after people who used to work in our industry but, for whatever, reason have fallen on hard times. Good luck to all the teams. And chocks away! For more details of the event, and our discounted tickets, call 01293 610434. {{FEATURES }}