Sir; I wanted to take this opportunity to respond to the article in The Grocer last week headed Spreading a passion for organics'. Tom Krog Nielson is quoted as saying, "we have a problem getting certification from organics movements like the Soil Association in Britain which effectively acts as a trade barrier. "We have to meet the SA's Standards before getting their mark and retailers in the UK generally demand an approval mark. Unfortunately, we have different standards in Denmark from the UK." I really do not understand what Mr Nielson means when he cites a problem getting certification'. The certification of products which carry the Soil Association standards is carried out by Soil Association Certification Ltd (SA Cert). The standards and procedures are really quite clear and individual businesses certified as complying with SA standards will, of course, receive SA certification. Further, certification bodies operating outside UK in co-operation with SA Cert, and deemed by us to be requiring sufficiently robust standards ­ certified by a competent authority ­ will also experience no difficulty in dealing with us. Mr Nielson appears to be complaining that he has to meet the Soil Association's standards before getting their mark' and for this I make absolutely no apology. Before the Soil Association's mark is applied to any products we need to be clear that they, without exception, meet our standards. Consumers have high expectations of products carrying the Soil Association mark, or symbol, and we would be failing in our duty to these consumers if we permit products from organic schemes that do not meet these standards to display it. I contest strongly the notion that this forms a trade barrier'. Rather that it provides a necessary quality control. Mr Nielson also says that we have different standards in Denmark from the UK'. Of course, any difficulties that Denmark experiences in trading organic products within the UK could presumably be dealt with rapidly by coming into line with our requirements. Indeed we are working with the Danish authorities to achieve exactly that end. David Peace Managing director Soil Association {{LETTERS }}