Here's a segment where convenience and quality are equally crucial. Most consumers see chilled as a step up from frozen pastry. However, convenience is another strong factor. "Consumers buy chilled pastry because it's easier to use ­ they don't have to wait for it to defrost, and they can freeze it themselves if they like," says Vicki Banks, commercial brand manager at Saxby's. It also appeals to those with minimal baking skills and equipment. "That's why the rate of sale of our ready-rolled product has dramatically increased ­ many customers haven't got rolling pins, and they feel more comfortable with something part-prepared." The same goes for the company's range of pastry flan cases which come ready-made in a foil container, ready for the time-poor cook to complete with the filling of their choice. "It's a successful line because it's simplistic and it's a very user-friendly format for the customer," says Banks. Pillsbury Jus-rol manufactures and markets frozen and chilled pastry products and has recently been concentrating on NPD with the "interactive baking category". "This is based on the insight that consumers wish to provide good meals for their family­ and easily entertain and educate kids with their baking," says Mark Lloyd, frozen commercial director for Pillbury. It's working to directly target consumers with booklets, calendars and doordrops featuring "inspirational recipes". EuroDough's range of ready-to-bake pastries in the UK arrives this August ­ its first products to launch in the UK marketplace. A subsidiary of US company the Sara Lee Bakery Group, EuroDough is unveiling a branded line of ready-to-bake fresh dough pastries. It includes a four-count can of all butter croissants, a six-count can of petit pains au chocolat, and a six-count can of croissants, and aims to give UK consumers that "authentic French baking experience". There will also be a line of ready-to-bake puff and short crust rolled pastry dough, cookie dough, pizza kits and sweet treat recipes. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}