Nestlé ’owntree's Rolo
n A relaunch earlier this month included new packaging, positioning and improved recipes.
n A £4m support package is set to feature a £1.5m media spend concentrated in October.
n New ads will focus on the last Rolo' concept, keeping its link with the past.

Captain Birds Eye
n The old sea dog is enjoying a renaissance, finding his land legs to branch into non-fish for first time with new products such as beefburgers.
n His land-lubbing antics are being backed by a £7.7m media campaign.
n It seems unlikely to be a coincidence that BEW is returning to a tried and tested icon in the light of its decision to drop the Enjoy! frozen meals range.

Lyle's Golden Syrup
n Grocery stalwart Lyle's has got stuck into a new push for its Golden Syrup, giving the 119-year-old favourite its first major packaging innovation.
n The new squeezy bottle format certainly appears to have caught the media pack's imagination, gaining extensive coverage in national newspapers after appearing in The Grocer.

Nestlé „ouble Cream
n The confectionery giant's first new chocolate bar for five years is getting a whopping £34m support budget over the next five years, with Nestl頰redicting sales of £25m in the first 12 months.
n The new arrival brings real innovation to the struggling chocolate countline sector - something which retailers have long demanded.
n Other major players have opted instead for brand extensions and renovation, such as the £7.5m overhaul for the iconic Mars bar in March.