Visitors got their first chance to see the new branding for Welsh foods in action. Wales ­ The True Taste' is the message devised by the WDA as part of efforts to establish a real point of difference for the country's food and drink products. Research conducted by the WDA revealed that consumers thought Welsh products "taste as nature intended" having been produced in a "clean, green environment". Welsh rural affairs minister Carwyn Jones was quick to back the initiative while at the show ­ the only British minister to visit Anuga. And Wynfford James, the WDA's agri-food director, said: "The True Taste is seen by consumers as a credible, realistic positioning for Welsh produce. This core value now needs to be translated into consistent messages across the industry." The WDA plans to deliver the brand in a number of ways, most notably through the development of an accreditation scheme using The True Taste logo. It will also help firms create strong food brands, promote The True Taste positioning at trade and consumer shows and in other marketing activity, and launch food awards as part of efforts to develop the Welsh food culture. {{NEWS }}