Expert's verdict:4.5/10

?The packaging is nondescript and doesn't shout out to the consumer. It's also not very easy to differentiate between the variants. All the products tasted dry and they left an after-taste that required water. The products will only appeal to the health-conscious. They are also too expensive, with a retail price between £1.40 and £1.60 per individual packet. This is a niche product and in my opinion it would only work in health food outlets. The packaging is bland and the product doesn't taste nice. The company will find it difficult to market this outside health stores.

Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's

Consumer's verdict:3/10

?The packaging made the product look medicinal and boring. I would imagine the company has probably gone for a round shape to be different, but I would be more inclined to buy it again if it was in a bar as it would look less odd. The only one I would buy again was the pecan & cashew flavour, which tasted better than the others. They all had a fairly stodgy consistency and the spirulina & ginseng ball had a horrible aftertaste. The balls also sat heavily in my stomach. The price tag is extortionate.

Andrew Crouch, 27, painter and decorator, Surrey

A year down the line... Brittons pies and pasties Company: Brittons of Devon Launch price: Pies: 99p to £2.79, Pasties: 59p to £1.59 Today's price: N/A Acid test verdict: 3.5 stars

The Brittons pies and pasties range has failed to take off and manufacturer Brittons of Devon went into receivership in December. The company has since been bought by McCambridge Fine Irish Foods, which is still producing the range. Our Acid Test buyer said: "The pies do not deliver the quality that the packaging conveys or that the price commands."