Expert's verdict:4/10

?It is a great concept with a poor delivery. The packaging may well entice first-time buyers in a club or cocktail bar, but I am not convinced about the likelihood of any repeat purchases. As a concept, St Lucian Rum combined with natural apple juice, fresh ginger and zesty lime sounds enticing. The added consumer benefit of no preservatives, sweeteners and artificial flavourings sounds better still, but frankly it just does not work. At £2.50 per 330ml bottle in the off-trade and £4.50 in the on-trade, I think the consumer will be saying "give me the real thing".

John Taylor, head of buying, impulse, MBL

Consumer's verdict:7/10

?I'm impressed with the packaging. It's eye-catching and gives the impression that the product will be healthy and natural, perhaps even organic. This looks like a premium product. When I poured it into the glass I could detect a really fresh apple aroma, which was appealing and I was equally impressed when I tasted it. There was a nice balance of fruit and ginger flavours and the rum wasn't too strong or as sweet as I was expecting. I would buy this but it might work better in a bar than at home.

Amy Dunning, solicitor, Cardiff

A year down the line... Atlantic IPA Company: Sharps Brewery Launch price: £14.50 (12 x 500ml bottles) Today's price: £15 (12 x 500ml bottles) Acid test verdict: 3.0 stars

The product was inspired by the brewery's position on Cornwall's north coast and its heritage. At launch the beer was listed in The Co-operative Group stores and independent retailers in the south west. It is now available across the south in independents and Majestic Wines also stocks the brand. The brewery will continue to support the beer with sampling and localised promotional activity with the RNLI.