Company: PepsiCo
Rsp: £1.99 for a 750ml pack
Competition: Ready Brek

The consumer
I like the name Paw Ridge because it is a good play on words and I like that it says 'No lumps' on the box because I don't like lumpy porridge. When I first saw it in my bowl I wasn't sure about the little brown bits in it and it actually looked a bit lumpy. But it tastes really good. I'm not used to having porridge without anything on, though, and I preferred it with sugar or chocolate spread. Overall I like it but I prefer the taste and the texture of Ready Brek. Three stars (out of five)
Jordan Bamford, aged 10, West Sussex

The retailer
Paw Ridge is designed to appeal to eight to 12-year-olds. However, I would be surprised if kids older than 10 would find the pack and sachet designs remotely interesting. For younger consumers, they provide breakfast-time jokes and quizzes. As with its adult version, Oatso Simple, the sachets are easy to use and you can measure out the correct amount of milk in them once they have been emptied. The product tastes great. It has a slightly smoother texture than Oatso but retains the consistency of porridge and is likely to appeal to its target audience. Four stars
Tina Hird, trading controller, Spar UK

The Grocer
Paw Ridge is a good product with all the right intentions and it makes a welcome change from all the sugar and salt-laden cereals targeted at kids. Its plethora of health credentials is sure to make it a hit with mums, while the great taste and fun-filled hologram-style packaging will keep the kids happy, although the on-pack fun might be a tad overly childish for the target audience. The products have a very smooth texture. Four stars
Lisa Riley, products reporter