Expert’s verdict 6/10

The packaging is disappointing as it doesn’t exactly stand out in a category dominated by vibrant, brightly coloured ethnic brands. I also feel it is a little confusing and I’m not quite sure who it is aimed at. The price is far too high at £3.29 per kit given that you have to add meat, vegetables and other ingredients such as coconut milk on top of that. You are looking at an £8 meal all in, as opposed to £1.29 to £1.49 for one of the other ethnic sauces out there, many of which have more than reasonable delivery. All of this is a shame as the resulting meals were delicious. 

Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today’s

Consumer’s verdict9/10

My first impression of these meal kits was good. The packaging was nice and the products would stand out on shelf, so I would definitely pick up them up when out shopping. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The instructions tell you what each of the three sachets contains and when to add them, so it could not really be easier. I love to cook but don’t always have the time to do it from scratch, so the kits provide a nice compromise. I cooked one of the Thai and one of the Chinese meals and both were very tasty.

Carl Day, IT sales, West Sussex

A year down the line…
COMPANY: Eat Natural 
LAUNCH PRICE: £2.25 for a box of five 30g bars
TODAY’S PRICE: £2.25 for a box of five 30g bars

Since launch just over a year ago in Tesco nationwide, Eat Natural Lunchies have achieved listings in Waitrose, Morrisons and some independents. An apricot, banana & milk chocolate variant was recently added to the kids’ range, which Eat Natural said was on track to generate sales of £1m in the next two years. It is focusing on making the lines more available in independents as well as upping its presence in Europe.