Expert's verdict:5/10

The packaging is confusing and the message about what the product gets lost. The wacky design may lead to trial purchase but it's more child-orientated. When I opened the bag, there was a nice aroma but the taste does not last long on the palate and becomes bland. I think 55p is expensive for this snack compared with others but I think the packets look different from other products in the snack fixture.

Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Todays

Consumer's verdict9/10

The product has colourful and eye-catching packaging and should stand out in the shops. The flavours are clearly differentiated and it's a very good concept. I would buy these instead of fatty potato crisps. They're baked, which makes them appealing to someone who's trying to lose weight. The smell isn't intrusive and they are moreish. I thought Worcestershire sauce would be my least favourite flavour, but I really liked it. I also liked the strawberry flavour and Marmalade was also tasty. But I think the ideal price would be 45 to 50p.

Ade Rahman, payroll manager, Addington, Surrey

A year down the line... Nákd and Trek Company: Natural Balance Foods Launch price: Nákd, 89p; Trek, 99p Today's price: Nákd, 89p; Trek, 99p Acid test verdict: Two stars

Since Nákd and Trek snack bars hit shelves, the duo now has listings in Tesco and Sainsbury's, and health food stores such as Holland & Barrett. The company is discussing listings for this year with the remaining multiples. It said the range exceeded sales expectations and is adding four nibble-sized bars and flavoured raisins to the Nákd portfolio. It also plans to expand the Trek range with organic options later this year.