Expert's verdict: 7/10

?The packaging looks fine in the marketplace as it gives the product a home-made feel, in line with other premium products, rather than the mass market wraparound style. The market is evolving and it is not just about bangers and mash any more. These offer a different type of different meal. The flavours are superb and I think the market is looking for something more premium and with different and unusual flavours. The meat quality was also good and they cooked really well.

Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's

Consumer's verdict: 8/10

?The packaging was appealing and the style of writing made it look more classy. The taste of the sausages was subtle and I thought they tasted good with condiments that had a stronger taste such as mustard. I would buy these again because I like meat and it is often hard to find meat in the supermarket that is the same quality as products from a butcher. I have bought sausages from good butchers in Sussex and can't differentiate between the two. So if I had the option to buy top-quality sausages in a supermarket for a pound more I would.

Simon Murphy, credit controller, Brighton

A year down the line... Cricket Cola Company: Pizzino Launch price: £1.39 to £1.59 per 355ml Today's price: £1.39 to £1.59 per 355ml Acid test verdict: 1.5/5

Cricket Cola was launched as a guilt-free cola with better-for-you credentials, including cane sugar and green tea. However, the soft drink, available in regular and diet, failed to impress our panel, which gave it a 1.5 out of a possible five points. Cricket Cola is available through independent restaurants and bars, mainly across London.