from Bob McKinnon, business development manager, Noranside, Angus

Sir; Concerning Mike Taylor’s letter about his experiences with the age problem and the various agencies he has spoken to (The Grocer, February 28, page 27).

I too have had the same experience in the last 10 years. I have been made redundant twice in that time and on both these occasions applied for a total of more than 220 jobs.

Many prospective employers did not bother to reply. Others, including agencies, sent me the usual “no thanks” letter.

When I enquired why I had failed to secure even an interview many would tell me that although my experience, talent and achievements were what were needed, the “client” was insisting upon only seeing candidates who were under the age of 35 to 40.

After going through your CV, many would tell you that age is no problem and that they would contact you again within a few days to arrange interviews.

You never hear from them again - gross bad manners!

I have been a subscriber to The Grocer for more than 25 years and I know you have raised this matter many times before. While these agencies say they are doing nothing wrong I believe they are being dishonest and misleading and, in fact, hiding behind the excuse of doing only what the “client” is asking them to do.

You have to realise that these agencies are only interested in money and the more times they can move an employee around from job to job the more money they make. It therefore follows that us old ones are of absolutely no use to them.

I retire next year - so thank goodness I will no longer have to put up with any more of this crass hypocrisy!