Newcastle Brown Ale has made a surprise debut in freezer cabinets following a tie-up with ice cream maker Doddington Dairy.

Scottish Courage has lent its iconic brew to a special edition ice cream as part of a six-month licensing deal. If successful, it could become a full-time fixture.

Doddington, which this week launched the ice cream in its north east heartland at the Newcastle branch of upmarket retailer Fenwick, will be supplying independents in the north east of England and southern Scotland in a bid to create a following.
The company said it was also in talks with Asda with the multiple having expressed an interest in rolling out the ice cream in its northern stores.

The ice cream - which is infused with the flavour of the famous brew with Newcastle Brown fudge chunks, but contains less than 1% alcohol - will initially be available in 125ml and 480ml tubs, retailing at £1.20 and £3.49 respectively.