Thomas Lowndes, the culinary alcohol arm of Allied Domecq, is set to step up its brand’s presence in the food aisles.
Among the deals struck by the AD subsidiary are to supply Courvoisier VS Cognac to a range of Yuletide treats, including a Tesco Finest Christmas cake and a range of Fruit & Brandy Truffle Cakes under the M&S banner.
Courvoisier also features in a Christmas fruits in brandy syrup gifting pack from Bennett Opie, while stablemate Grand Marnier stars in three offerings, including an M&S Gift Cake, Asda Extra Special Cornish double cream and a savoury Tesco Finest spiced duck in orange & cranberry sauce.
Drambuie, meanwhile, is making its seasonal tie-up with Walkers Chocolates for an alcohol-soaked range of Milk Chocolate Liqueur Truffles.
Harveys Bristol Cream is one AD brand featuring in a range of Morrisons trifles.