New countries continue to discover the attractions of Sial Sial continues to increase its global sweep and this year 94 nations are due to exhibit in its international pavilions. That roll call includes South Korea, Mexico and the US, along with four newly recruited countries Swaziland, Colombia, Paraguay and the Ukraine. And others will be making their presence felt much more than they did at Sial 2000. China, following its admission into the World Trade Organisation, will be raising its profile, as will Russia, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and Algeria. Sial has also taken bookings from a record number of African exhibitors. And Spain and Italy will be adding more regional pavilions to their national stands, with nearly all regions individually represented. The largest product sector is dairy, with major exhibitors including Ambrosi and Castelli from Italy, Interfood from Holland, and Humana Milchunion from Germany. Major French companies include Unifrais, Eurial Poitouraine and Isigny-Sainte-Mere. Fresh seafood products and the nearby frozen and preserved fish products make up The Sea Route' theme trail, taking in all seafood manufacturers, in the frozen, delicatessen and preserved food sectors. As the second-largest sector at Sial, the frozen area reflects the world market with exhibitors including national collectives from the Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Moving through the exhibition, delicatessen products are in Hall 5A, between the frozen products and preserved food, creating an area dedicated to processed products. France is particularly well represented, with strong showings from Italy and Israel. The sector includes Sara Lee Bakery Group and first time exhibitor Selection Loiseau Regnault. Beverages are divided into four sub-sectors: wine, spirits, beer and non-alcoholic beverages. Two collective stands bring together wine producers from Italy and Spain. Companies with individual stands include Teisseire, Routin, Fruite, and for the first time, Pago with non-alcoholic beverages. Confectionery is a popular category internationally and grocery sector exhibitors are drawn from all around the world. Attendance in this fruit and vegetable sector runs high this time and, in addition to fresh fruit and vegetables, dried fruits are well represented by countries that lead the segment: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Tunisia, and Egypt. Cured meats has also attracted a strong international presence, as has the fresh meat sector. Poultry will include national stands for the US and Belgium while the organic section is dominated by small companies. All other exhibitors presenting organic products will be allowed to use special organic showcases. {{FOCUS ON }}