Pink volume to quadruple Washington Pink Growers export coordinator Steve Fox has confirmed a substantial increase in programmes to the UK this season. The target is between 200,000 and 250,000 cartons, quadruple last year's. Wholesale markets where the majority are targeted will be boosted by a £1m promotional push in the form of £5 per carton holiday cash vouchers. The group, based in Yakima, represents over a third of Washington State pink varieties and a substantial share of Washington reds. Fox said on last season's results it had proved that its highly coloured full flavoured fruit could attract premium prices. "The Cripps Pink variety is already regarded as the highest value apple on offer," he said. "Apart from being selected to the highest standards of pressure, Brix and external appearance, Washington State is uniquely able to add the extra dimension of colour intensity. That is what makes our Black Oval brand so unique. "This season for the first time we will also market direct to leading retailers, packed under the Black Oval Washington Pink or Pink Lady labels, according to client preference." {{FRESH PRODUCE }}