11 January 2006

There was a public complaint against two Young's Brewery posters. One featured a man in a white suit with a ram's head. The ad showed the top of a pint and the Young's logo, with the phrase 'This is a ram's world'. The ram was felt to be associated with social and sexual success. Young's argued the ram was related to its symbol. Nevertheless, it was told to withdraw the posters.

?22 February 2006

There was a public complaint against a cinema commercial for Disaronno, owned by First Drinks Brands. The ad showed an attractive woman ordering 'Disaronno on the rocks'. When the barman went to take her empty glass away, the woman placed her hand on his arm to stop him. She removed an ice cube from the glass and placed it in her mouth seductively. The complainant said the ad linked sexual pleasure with alcohol consumption.

?27 September 2006

BCAP's monitoring system identified ads for Smirnoff Ice by Diageo UK, which featured Uri and his friend Gorb. It suggested the ads appealed strongly to under-18s. Diageo maintained the choice of music would have no youth appeal in the UK as the Icelandic band was little known outside its home country. The ASA argued the music could be downloaded over the Internet.

?27 September 2006

BCAP's monitoring system identified two ads for WKD by Beverage Brands linked with a practical joke theme, which end with the slogan, 'Have you got a WKD side?' BCAP said the ads were likely to appeal strongly to under-18s through themes associated with youth, such as immature or childish behaviour.