Suppliers of cashpoints to independent retailers have dismissed fears their fees may be seen as a rip-off by consumers after the major banks caved in on fees this week. The last three banks holding out said charges for cash withdrawals will be abolished by January 1. ATMs at major multiples consequently will be free, but withdrawals at c-stores whose cash machines are not wholly owned by banks will cost customers a typical transaction fee of £1. Londis marketing director Kenton Lawton said: "It is not our decision but that of the bank providers whether or not to charge a fee. We shall continue to strive to get the best deal from suppliers." A spokesman for cash machine supplier TRM said: "We charge a £1 convenience fee' to customers making withdrawals at our ATMs in Londis and Spar. This covers our running costs. The retailer also gets a cut of the money." Hanco, a supplier of self fill cashpoint machines, charges a "convenience fee" to cover its costs which is being raised from £1 to £1.25 to reflect, it says, "changes to the charging system between Link members". A spokesman for Moneybox, which currently charges a £1 fee, said: "We provide machines in areas of low usage where banks do not want to place them. The machines often save customers a bus fare and they are in a safe location. We are filling a gap in the market, while the banks are providing a service to their customers". A spokeswoman from the Consumers' Association backed the independent suppliers. She said: "We encourage competition in the market. As long as the transaction charge is notified to the customer in advance we do not see a problem." {{NEWS }}