Auchan has developed a new concept hypermarket that embodies the company's mission statement as a "provider of good solutions for better living". The brainchild of marketing director André Tordjman, the new mission statement reflects a sea change in relationships the French retailer is forging with suppliers, as well as customers, said the company. Tordjman said: "Our job is as a provider of solutions for better living, not as a distributor of products. We buy what consumers want to buy from us, not what manufacturers want to sell to us." Selling space is divided into four universes' designed to reflect key customer needs: better leisure, better home, better eating and better personal care ­ which includes instore facials and a babyworld. To make purchasing more customer focused, marketing teams as well as buyers deal directly with suppliers and monitor the market for the products Auchan wants to buy, said Tordjman. Major changes are also being made to own label as Auchan tries to build a stronger brand identity. in a mature marketplace, said Tordjman. Within each universe, products are grouped according to the purchasing consumers in that category. Baby departments are divided into pre-programmed, occasional and exceptional purchasing types and advertising focuses on Auchan as a lifestyle solutions provider, rather than a supermarket. "We can't drive growth from building more and more stores in France, so we have to get an increased share of the consumers wallet." Instead of mimicking big brands and slapping an Auchan label and lower prices on own label goods, Auchan is using them to reinforce its lifestyle solutions message. Packaging is very different to the brand equivalent and includes pictures of consumers enjoying using the product inside backed by the Auchan bird logo. {{NEWS }}