Marmite is packed full of essential B vitamins that help regulate the kidneys and liver and has been a popular favourite - spread thinly - in kids' sandwiches for years. Love it or hate it, just don't ban it!


They may be small but raisins are packed with healthy phytonutrients for eye and brain health. A nutritious, fat-free snack for lunchboxes, raisins also contain natural sugar, but the FSA's methodology makes no distinction between natural and processed sugar


As well as being high in protein and calcium, cheese contains vital nutrients Vitamin A, phosphorous, and riboflavin.

MAnuka Honey

Manuka honey's antibacterial qualities have propelled this all-natural sugar to superfood status. And it's great on toast.

Bran Flakes

A 30g serving of Bran Flakes contains up to 18% of our dietary fibre needs and 50% of the RDA of folic acid in a palatable form. But scored using a 100g standard (ie more than three bowlfuls) it contains too much salt and sugar.