Batleys, the UK cash & carry company, has announced it has implemented Celtech Software’s ab-initio Corporate system in all of its 18 depots to improve its stock and sales information gathered from every ePoS.

“The ability to see stock movements and sales at every location as they happen has literally revolutionised the way that we work,” said Martin Race, operations director at Batleys.

“Previously we had 18 different inventory and administration systems where we could only view the stock and sales figures separately at the end of the night, which meant we had absolutely no visibility into what was happening during the day.”

The company rolled out the ab-initio system to all of its depots, integrating its existing EpoS terminals into the system, which has apparently extended the lifespan of the 400 tills by at least two years.

The first C&C Batley’s outlet opened in Huddersfield in 1958 and it now has a turnover of more than £500m.

Celtech develops operational business systems for the retail and wholesale marketplace.